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News Release


Going Beyond Retail – Providing Sensational Customer Experiences

Part four of Jones Lang LaSalle’s Retail 2020 Report

Jones Lang LaSalle issued today part four of its Retail 2020 study; ‘Going Beyond Retail’. Retail 2020, which was launched on 28th May via a bespoke interactive website, examines the rapidly changing global retail landscape over the next ten years.

Going Beyond Retail looks at the growing need for retailers to provide sensational customer experiences and in-store services. It considers the effect of e-commerce on bricks-and-mortar retailers, and with consumers demanding more for less, why retailers need to develop beyond simple transactions business models.

Beatrice Mouton, Head of Retail CEE at Jones Lang LaSalle said: “The saturation of clone retail stores selling similar products in similar ways is becoming increasingly unsustainable. With undeniable online growth, bricks-and-mortar retailers will have to offer ‘experiences’. The High Street and Shopping Centres need to forge pseudo communities for consumers to interact and evolve with. For example, initiatives that already exist across Europe include open-air lifestyle centres and integrated libraries, educational areas and quiet rooms.”

Agata Sekuła, Head of Retail Investment CEE at Jones Lang LaSalle continued: “Shopping Centres represent huge physical space and with the right vision, they can be adjusted to integrate many offerings in addition to retail, including leisure, culture and health. The future of the retail experience will develop through a more sophisticated execution of ideas that give consumers an authentic emotional attachment to shopping with access to local and global products in well designed spaces and with a seamless service.”