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News Release

Bucharest, Budapest, Prague & Warsaw

Offices 2020: Change is coming, can you see it?

'Workplace Mobility'

Bucharest, Budapest, Prague & Warsaw, 30 March 2011 – Jones Lang LaSalle has launched today its latest Central and Eastern European research paper entitled 'Workplace Mobility'. The paper begins to touch on the subject of future offices and working practices as part of an ongoing research series 'Offices 2020', that will look at the future of real estate over the next 10 years. This follows on from the very succesful ‘Retail 2020’ programme in 2010.

Kevin Turpin, Head of Research in Central and Eastern Europe for Jones Lang LaSalle comments “It was only as little as 15 to 20 years ago that mobile phones and personal computers (PCs) became available on a wide scale. Nowadays, so many of us already own or use a Blackberry, iPhone, Android Device, Networked Tablet or Netbook amongst others. So, what does this all have to do with the future of the workplace and, more importantly, real estate? One view, based on our love and hate relationship with technology, suggests that many of us will become less location dependant with regards to our work, yet the physical office will not be made redundant, actually the opposite. It is estimated that by the year 2014, a large share of the working population will be made up of those people who grew up with and are comfortable using technology. Relatively new technologies to us now such as ‘cloud computing’ and ‘4th generation wireless' will become commonly known and widely used. These will allow us to access our information, both business and private, from anywhere and at anytime. However, there will still need to be a physical connection between people, to discuss and share ideas or to feel part of something for example – the tool for this, is the Office.”

This paper, authored by Peter J. Miscovich, Managing Director of Jones Lang LaSalle’s Strategic Consulting Group in the US, is part of the ‘Offices 2020’ thought leadership programme from Jones Lang LaSalle that will look at the future of the office real estate industry across the EMEA region.

Bill Page, Director of EMEA Office Research adds “Our Offices 2020 project will predict what lies ahead for offices over the next 10 years and workplace technology is fundamental to this. Change has been fundamental over the last 10 years and shows no sign of slowing. The physical office will retain a key function but its use, fit-out and the specification of the underlying real estate will change fundamentally alongside technology. The key question is which new technology will have most impact – and how?”

Change is coming, can you see it?