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Polish Container Ports

Adding Depth to the Logistics Market

Expanding Polish port-oriented infrastructure is creating opportunities for supply chain optimization for companies active in Poland and the wider Baltic and CEE region.

Global Trend

  • Global sea trade is becoming more and more containerized.
  • Shipping lines operate increasingly large vessels which require additional investment in the infrastructure of port.

Polish Container Ports

  • Enter the European port landscape; direct deepwater calls by the largest vessels
  • Improving Port infrastructure in terms of capacity and connectivity with hinterland (rail, road, intermodal)
  • Gateway for much of the growing economies of the CEE, Baltic Russia and the CIS countries
  • Emerging demand for Polish port-centric logistics on the horizon

Polish Logistic Market

  • Port Centric Logistics: new format for Poland
  • Existing logistic hubs in Poland continue to expand
  • Potential new warehouse locations near hinterland intermodal facilities


  • Companies/logistic operators: Supply chain optimization
  • Investors: More investment products
  • Developers: New logistic format

This report provides insight on the:

  • Growing containerization with a focus on Poland
  • Facts and figures on the Polish ports
  • Connectivity of Poland’s Port and its hinterland
  • Outlook of industrial market in Poland capturing the effects of the growing ports
  • Port-Centric Warehousing - a new format in Poland