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Green Certification Tips

Green Tips

Global warming is a sign of our times. Human activity cause climatic changes because of greenhouses emission, consumption of fossil fuels like coal, gas or oil, which sources are limited.  Design and construction of sustainable buildings is a way to protect natural environment and human health.

The Building industry has huge  impact on the natural environment. It is estimated that buildings consume approx. 40% of energy and produces approx. 35 % of greenhouses in the UE. Electricity is most often generated by burning fossil fuels whose combustion releases carbon dioxide and other gases which contribute to climate change. Green building reduce the amount of energy required for building operations what results in lower operating costs.

Renewable energy minimizes acid rains, smog, climate change and human health problems resulting from air pollution. 

As far as indoor environment is concerned, people spend an average of 90% of their time so the quality of indoor environment has a significant influence on their well-being, productivity and health. The building service installations especially mechanical ventilation systems should provide high level of indoor quality. An easy way to prevent indoor environmental quality problems is to use materials which do not release harmful chemical compounds.

If you are a Developer, a Building Owner or a Tenant you should consider Green Certification of your Building or Interior Space.

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