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Valuation & Advisory

Valuation Methodology

​​​​​We offer a large number of financial analysis services and detailed analyses of any kind of development projects in the area of commercial property such as office, retail, logistics, production, industrial, hotel, healthcare and also land and residential. We render our services both in line with national stipulations (such as PFVA) and internationally accepted guidelines (such as RICS, IVSC, TEGOVA or HypZert).

​​​​For the determination of the market value our experts use traditional procedures:

  • Comparative method
  • Income capitalization approach
  • Depreciated replacement cost method
  • Residual method
  • Profit method
  • ​Discounted cash flow technique

Our methods comply with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Our determination of the market value corresponds in particular to the "fair value" stipulated by IFRS 16 (alternative valuation method) and IFRS 40.

Value Added Services in combination with regular portfolio valuations form the basis for performance analysis and decisions with regard to an accurate portfolio composition and consistent portfolio restructuring measures. We thereby create templates for comparative analyses with alternative investment opportunities and the basis for optimisation of portfolio quotas.​