Kraków is the second most influential and dynamic business centre in Poland, boasting a strong economy driven by knowledge and innovation. 

With 1.1 million inhabitants, and 135,000 students, Kraków is the second most influential and dynamic business centre in Poland, boasting a strong economy driven by knowledge and innovation.

  • With almost 1.5 million of modern office space, Kraków has grown into the largest regional office market in Poland outside of Warsaw.
  • The city is the undisputable leader in terms of number of companies and employment in the business services sector in both Poland and the whole of CEE.
  • The number of employees in the BPO/SSC sector currently stands at 77,700 people (according to ABSL data) with prospects for further growth, which directly translates into demand for office space. In 2019 alone companies from the sector were responsible for almost 200,000 sqm of demand.
  • Moreover, approximately 60% of occupied office space in the city is taken by modern business services sector firms.
  • Over the last 10 years numerous new office locations have emerged across the city, such as Rondo Mogilskie, Rondo Grzegórzeckie and Podgórze, which makes Kraków a truly versatile business hub suited to the needs of all types of tenants.
  • Kraków is the second largest primary residential market (build-to-sell) in Poland, although in the last few years Wrocław has been getting close in terms of market volume.
  • After a period of dynamic increases in demand, the highest sales of new flats in Kraków were achieved in 2017, with nearly 13,800 residential units sold in that year. The lower sales in 2019, which totalled nearly 11,000 residential units, were partly due to the limited number of units available for sale.
  • Krakow is on the radar of international investors looking for investment opportunities in the growing Living sector in Poland. The first mixed-use (multifamily and student housing) project deal in this sector in Krakow was announced in 2017. Since then the number of institutional players screening the market has grown every year.

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