Meet our 

It’s our people who make the difference. JLL's leaders help our clients achieve their ambitions. 
Christian Ulbrich
President and Chief Executive Officer
Stephanie Plaines
Global Chief Financial Officer
Richard Bloxam
Global Chief Executive Officer, Capital Markets
Anthony Couse
Chief Executive Officer, Asia Pacific
Neil Murray
Global Chief Executive Officer, Corporate Solutions
Guy Grainger
Chief Executive Officer, EMEA
Jeff Jacobson
Chief Executive Officer, LaSalle Investment Management
Trish Maxson
Chief Administrative Officer
Greg O’Brien
Chief Executive Officer, Americas
Guy Grainger
Chief Executive Officer, EMEA
Chris Ireland
Chief Executive Officer, UK
Maria Grigorova
Chief Financial Officer, EMEA
Timo Tschammler
CEO Germany
Matthew Richards
Head of Capital Markets, EMEA
Andrew Frost
Head of EMEA Residential
Charles Boudet
Chief Executive Officer, JLL France
Sebastien Roffino
Head of Transformation, EMEA
Chris Zissis
Chief Information Officer, EMEA
William Douglas
Chief Marketing Officer, EMEA
Danielle Lagarde
Chief Human Resources Officer, EMEA
Mark Caskey
EMEA Chief Executive Officer, Corporate Solutions
Benoit du Passage
Managing Director, EMEA
Tomasz Trzósło
Managing Director, CEE
Małgorzata Żółtowska
Head of Valuations CEE / COO CEE
Agata Sekuła
Head of Retail Investment CEE
Anna Młyniec
Head of Office Leasing and Tenant Representation
Savvas Savva
Chief Financial Officer, CEE
Anna Bartoszewicz-Wnuk
Head of Workplace Advisory
Kazimierz Kirejczyk
Executive Director, Business Line/Functional Leadership

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