Data Centers

Make smart location decisions when you’re leasing or investing in data centers. Reduce operating costs, improve environmental impact, and increase uptime.

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Save on operating costs, improve your facility’s environmental impact, and increase equipment productivity and uptime. Get advice on disposition, consolidation, and expansion to fine-tune your portfolio.
Find data center space

Evaluate energy profiles, free cooling, natural hazard risks, economic incentives, and more to ​find the right market and facility location. After selecting a property, negotiate lease terms to ensure a favorable, flexible agreement. 

Deliver data center projects

Develop, upgrade, or construct data center space. Get advice and project management support for master planning, project feasibility, and financing for anything from a ground-up build to a modest retrofit. 

Manage data center facilities

Ensure continuous operation with proactive, offsite data center monitoring paired with 24/7 onsite facility management and support. Mitigate the risks of downtime with reliable staff, proven testing and procedures, and built-in reliability and redundancies.

Invest in data centers

Stay on top of data usage trends and property performance statistics to determine if data centers are the right addition to your investment portfolio. Get an existing investment in front of prospective users or buyers with targeted property marketing.

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Evaluate and evolve your location strategy, data center management, or investment plans.