Client story

JLL Enables Canada Post to Achieve Dramatic Energy Reduction Savings

JLL works to reduce the organizations environmental footprint by identifying opportunities to save energy, increase efficiency, reduce costs and maximize monetary incentives.

The Canada Post Corporation (CPC), the primary postal provider in Canada, has been a JLL client for more than seven years. Beyond providing a host of real estate services across CPC’s country-spanning operations, JLL also works to reduce the organization’s environmental footprint by identifying opportunities to save energy, increase efficiency, reduce costs and maximize monetary incentives.   


To further support CPC’s sustainability improvement efforts, JLL energy specialists set out to identify locations to pilot an energy reduction program that could be duplicated across the organization.

How we worked together

Ontario was decided as the preferred location due to the province’s high costs and generous energy incentives, and JLL and CPC created a joint, multi-functional Energy Steering and Working Group Committee.

The foundational element of the program was a behavior change and awareness initiative with the aim of minimizing energy waste and promoting environmental stewardship. With JLL’s assistance, CPC worked to engage employees through the creation of an Energy Rewards program that incentivized CPC employees to adopt energy efficient behaviors. Employees were encouraged to keep dock doors closed, unplug devices, shut down computers and turn off lights when not in use. The JLL Energy and Facilities Management teams also worked together to implement competitions and other low-cost measures to reduce energy consumption throughout CPC’s operations.

In conjunction with the awareness campaign, the JLL Energy and Project and Development Services teams completed more than 150 LED lighting upgrades, identifying energy efficient alternatives to replace outdated technologies. The teams also created a lighting technology guide to be used during retrofits and new projects.


Through the energy program and strong team effort, CPC and JLL achieved nearly three million dollars in energy performance incentives and over ten million dollars in savings. Additionally, portfolio-wide electricity dropped by more than 50 million kWh, representing a 17.5% reduction nationwide in 2019. Beyond year-over-year performance and efficiency improvements, CPC reported in their 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report that employees were committed to and engaged with the program, leading to higher retention and lower turnover, increased productivity and profitability and lower rates of absenteeism.