Client story

Office space at highest level

CMS, one of the leading law firms in Poland and worldwide, aimed to redefine the work environment to align with the highest standards of sustainable development and employee needs




7,000 sqm



Business case

CMS, a leading law firm, embarked on a transformative journey to reinvent their work environment, reflecting their modern image and meeting operational demands while prioritizing employee comfort. JLL, a trusted partner in commercial real estate, provided a comprehensive approach that permeated every aspect of the project, starting from the selection of the perfect location. The result was the creation of a cutting-edge workspace in the prestigious Varso Tower, located in the heart of Warsaw's business district.

The challenge 

CMS sought a new headquarters that would not only align with their vision but also serve as a catalyst for cultural growth and provide unparalleled comfort for their employees. JLL understood the significance of finding a space that would meet these requirements.

"During the selection of CMS's new office location, it was crucial to find a place that would serve as the foundation for creating a completely new work environment, meeting various requirements, and ensuring the highest employee satisfaction. We are thrilled to have been part of such an original project. Among the properties we analyzed, Varso Tower offered the most opportunities for creating a workspace that supports the development of CMS's organizational culture, where building relationships plays a crucial role," commented Ida Stankiewicz, Director of Tenant Representation at JLL.


With a holistic approach, JLL offered integrated advisory services, guiding CMS through the entire process. From selecting the ideal location and representing CMS in the lease transaction JLL provided expertise in creating a new work environment, addressing both operational and technical aspects. The project's construction was entrusted to Tétris, a JLL group company renowned for their expertise in designing and arranging commercial interiors.

We are incredibly proud to have participated in this innovative project. Our work went beyond analyzing the work environment - together with CMS, we created a unique "cultureplace." It means not only creating a new office but also a revolutionary approach to the work environment that focuses on the needs and aspirations of employees. Our collaboration demonstrates the significant role of breaking away from traditional models in shaping the work environment. CMS's approach is an ideal example of meeting the needs of employees and will serve as a model for many companies considering strategies to support their employees in achieving their professional goals. - commented Jakub Zieliński, Head of Workplace Advisory at JLL.

Through close collaboration, a next-generation office space spanning over 7,000 square meters emerged—the epitome of functionality and aesthetics. The larger, state-of-the-art workspace boasts contemporary designs and incorporates the latest technological solutions, ensuring productivity and comfort for all employees.

Numerous departments within JLL played vital roles in CMS's journey. The Workplace Strategy team analyzed the work environment, creating spaces that fostered collaboration, relationship building, and innovation – encapsulating CMS's unique "cultureplace" concept. JLL's Tenant Representation department skillfully negotiated terms, securing the inclusion of a stunning 450-square-meter terrace, providing breathtaking views from the tower's 177-meter height. Critical to the project's success was JLL's Project and Development team, who played a vital role in transforming CMS's vision into reality. Their meticulous planning, coordination, and execution ensured that every detail, from layout design to construction, was handled flawlessly. Additionally, JLL's ESG and Sustainability experts supported CMS in achieving environmental certifications. The Tétris team, as general contractor, meticulously executed the project, ensuring not only aesthetic appeal but also meticulous attention to acoustic levels, integrated automation systems, and innovative solutions for ventilation, lighting, and air quality.

Environmental Care 

Sustainable development and ensuring a healthy work environment were crucial elements of the CMS project. During the fit-out stage, the selection of construction materials with a low carbon footprint was essential. The project followed the Sustainable Development Code and used software that helps reduce CO2 emissions. This approach yielded results - in September 2023, CMS's office obtained an Excellent BREEAM certification, making it the third office arrangement in Poland to achieve this level. It also received the first-ever WELL Equity Rating in Poland and one of the first in the world, distinguishing spaces that cater to diverse user needs.


CMS's reimagined office space, realized through the extraordinary collaboration between CMS, JLL, and Tétris, stands as a testament to the power of partnership and innovation. JLL's comprehensive advisory services, paired with Tétris's meticulous execution, resulted in a workplace that goes beyond expectations—an environment that both respects employee needs and aligns with sustainable development principles.

CMS's relocation to Varso Tower marks a significant milestone in their journey, and for JLL, it is a source of immense pride to have played a pivotal role in this groundbreaking project. The success of CMS's office transformation demonstrates JLL's commitment to helping clients create dynamic, modern workspaces that inspire productivity, collaboration, and employee well-being.

CMS relocated to the new space between 2022 and 2023.