Client story

Schaeffler’s Shared Services Center relocates

Schaeffler has meticulously planned its move to the new office with the help of JLL Workplace experts.

Schaeffler, an international supplier of parts for the automotive industry, has moved its Shared Services Center to a new office in Wrocław. The change was dictated by the increase in the number of employees in the areas of finance, HR, purchasing, logistics, robotics, automation and IT, as well as business process transformation services.

The process of selecting a location for the Shared Services Center was twofold. Initially, the first group of employees along with management moved to a temporary office. Recruitment processes continued without interruption, with the company in the meantime looking for a new location for its headquarters. Wrocław was chosen primarily because the city has many companies from the shared services sector situated in the city.

Schaeffler has meticulously planned its move to the new office with the help of JLL Workplace experts. Employees were asked about communal spaces, the organization of chillout zones, and the desk-screen-chair space layout, as well as about furniture, and other topics related to the new office. Their involvement coupled with other tools used in the process proved to be invaluable and ensured a smooth transition.

In addition, new work rules were introduced on the occasion of change. Just as spaces for creative work are something natural, the issue of desk sharing was a greater change threshold. Therefore, all the time, during the design process, an open dialogue was conducted with employees.

A guide which includes the principles of work and how to work together in the office was prepared and has proved to be very important for the transition period. The tool helped to eliminate employee uncertainty, by effectively communicating how the company will move into new headquarters and what is expected from the employees. The joint creation of a new office and the development of the guide has brought a new awareness and certainty has laid down the foundations for improving the company’s organizational culture.