How women have shaped our global cities

Walk down the streets of the world?s cities and the influence of women in designing, constructing and driving progress in urban living is all around.

March 08, 2018

Their work is rarely commemorated in statues but rather in the structures and the infrastructure at the heart of modern cities, from developing new models of social housing to creating some of the most iconic landmarks of modern skylines and implementing campaigns to make global cities greener and more accessible to all.

“Through their hard work, innovation, ambition and vision, a generation of extraordinary female professionals, from urban planners and engineers to architects and policy makers, have made an invaluable contribution to modern urban science transforming the cities we live in,” says Rosemary Feenan, Head of Global Research Programmes at JLL. “With a growing number of female mayors in cities such as Paris, Tokyo, Prague, Barcelona and Rome, women are taking the lead in shaping the global cities of tomorrow.”

Here are eight women who, in their own ways, have changed the face – and even the function – of many of today’s big cities.