PODCAST: How is flexible office design changing?

Flexible office space is back, but it’s looking different than before

February 09, 2021

Landlords are changing up flexible office spaces amid new expectations of workers who have spent months working remotely.

Desk-dense operations with a beer tap – a cornerstone amenity during the coworking boom – are being replaced with suites and meeting areas incorporated into community-driven spaces tailored specifically to tenants, who are having more input than ever before.

In several cases, landlords are dedicating their best floors to flexible space, while others are transforming those that are harder to lease with the aim of securing high-quality tenants. But making flexible space a commercially viable operation requires careful planning.

Listen to experts Tim O’Connor, JLL’s head of office leasing in Australia, Tashi Dorjee, head of flex space, and Simon Trude, founder and managing director of Endrim, as they chat to JLL Perspectives podcast host Rebecca Kent about this new phase of flexible space design.

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Head of flex space - Australia and New Zealand, JLL

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