2024 EMEA Life Sciences Industries and Real Estate Perspective

Exploring key trends impacting the EMEA life sciences sector

May 02, 2024
  • George Beaton

The year 2023 presented a mixed picture for the life sciences industry, characterized by both challenges and opportunities. Looking ahead to 2024, a more stable macro-economic environment is expected, fostering investor confidence and driving growth in the life sciences sector.

2024 EMEA Life Sciences Industry and Real Estate Perspective delves into the key drivers impacting Europe's life sciences industry and their implications for real estate markets. We examine the current and future trends that are shaping the industry from both a corporate real estate and investor perspective.

Key takeaways:
  • European life sciences industry continues to grow

  • Venture capital deployment will drive demand for dedicated life sciences space

  • Horizon Europe is key to maintaining Europe at the forefront of scientific research​

  • There is a demand supply imbalance for multi-occupancy lab space

  • Wider real estate trends are impacting the life sciences sector​

Using JLL’s bespoke tier ranking system and cluster composition matrix, we compare real estate market data and demand across 41 clusters in Europe. Additionally, we provide an in-depth analysis of five established clusters, highlighting their performance and driving factors.

EMEA Life Sciences Clusters

To learn more about the five key findings, our Cluster Composition Matrix and spotlight on specific markets, download 2024 EMEA Life Sciences Industry and Real Estate Perspective.

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